Barn Swallows

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Barn Swallows

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Up to 3 Million Barn Swallows at one roost site, Mount Moreland South Africa and the world, local and international Barn Swallow news, migration records, roosting and nesting, habitat, conservation, stories of interest.

The Barn Swallows arrive at Mount Moreland in spring with numbers swelling to millions of swallows by early November. This Barn Swallow phenomenon attracts visitors from far and wide whom come to witness the mass evening swallow display before descending into the reedbed roost for the night.

This awesome spectacle, half an hour before sunset, of the Barn Swallows coming home to roost every night (Nov to April) has become a world wide attraction and recognized as a Natural Wonder and Global Treasure.

It is a sight to be witnessed and experienced, no words can describe the awesome Barn Swallow evening display other than seeing it with one's own eyes.

The Barn Swallow (European Swallow) is not an endangered species. In fact it is currently plentiful. Why then does this little bird receive so much attention?

It is because the Swallow has an extraordinary lifestyle, eating and drinking on the wing - a lifestyle that takes it thousands of Kilometers across the Globe during migration and which brings it in close contact with humans during the spring and summer months.

It is said that the Barn Swallow enjoys a perpetual summer, no winter enters this bird.

The Barn Swallow is also referred to as the' rain bird' as they arrive with the spring rains after the dry winter.

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